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Company Overview

GO.CARE is a leading company in the medical tourism industry, connecting patients with the best healthcare providers at the most affordable prices. We work with the best hospitals and clinics in Asia to ensure that all of our patients receive world-class care in a convenient and transparent manner.

Mission Statement

GO.CARE’s Mission is to connect clients in need with the world’s best healthcare providers. We work closely with the best hospitals and clinics in Asia to provide the most convenient and most affordable care.

Vision Statement

No matter where you live GO.CARE is ready to connect you to the healthcare you need. As Southeast Asia’s primary medical tourism platform, we connect international hospitals with any person at any income level. But we don’t plan to stop there. We are constantly expanding to bring the simplicity of GO.CARE to the rest of the world. This is healthcare made simple. Healthcare for everyone.

Core Values

GO.CARE’s success comes from our team of hardworking individuals. We value entrepreneurship, collaboration, and transparency while actively seeking smarter solutions to improve our working environment, employee satisfaction, and work-life balance policies. While we push ourselves professionally, we make it a priority to care for our teammates, colleagues, and families. We take care of our clients but we don’t forget to take care of ourselves.