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Aging and What we can do to slow it down

Author: Willyson Eveiro
Review Date: 18/10/2019 | Last Modified: 17/12/2019
Aging and What we can do to slow it down

Growing old is a thing that nobody can avoid. We all grow old. Our bodies age over time. Wrinkles appear on our faces. The list of aging effects is non-exhaustive and disheartening. However, there are several ways to slow down this process.

In this article, we will explain what aging is, its signs, and how to slow down the process of aging.

What is aging?

Aging is not something that happens just within one night. Rather, it is a process that spans over decades.

As reported by Very Well Health, aging is the result of a process within our bodies and of our lifestyle. Over time, this degenerating process results in bodily changes that can be seen or felt.

Some common changes caused by aging include:

  • Cellular aging: Our body cells are capable of self-renewing when they are damaged. However, that ability is not unlimited. Once reaching their limits (normally about 50 times), they will no longer be able to create exact copies of themselves. These cells must replicate themselves much harder if there is a lot of damage caused to our cells (by radicals or other factors). This, in turn, may speed up the process of aging.
  • Hormonal aging: Hormonal aging refers to changes in the body caused by imbalanced hormone production. Some of these changes include dry skin and menopause.
  • Damage due to lifestyle: This includes damage caused factors outside of the body (e.g: sun exposure, consumption of unhealthy foods, pollution, etc.). These things may impact our body’s ability to maintain the health of cells and organs.
  • Metabolic aging: Our body turns food that we consume into energy every day. During this metabolism process, we may consume harmful substances that damage our body gradually.

Signs of aging

Aging is not only about wrinkles appearing on the face, but also about how the inside of our body changes over time. What’s more, these signs are not always the same among people. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Slow metabolism;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Muscle loss;
  • Decrease in sperm production;
  • A build-up of fatty deposits within the heart’s blood vessels;
  • Decrease in vaginal fluid production;
  • Enlarged prostate in men.

How to slow down the process of aging

Fret not, there are several ways to slow down the aging process – and improving the quality of life. Some methods that you can put into practice are:

  • Healthy diet. Remember to include fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean proteins (white-fleshed fish, beans, peas, lentils, and so on) in your meals. In addition, avoid eating processed foods, and limit the intake of sugary drinks. An unhealthy diet will soon give rise to serious health complications (e.g: heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, etc.).
  • Stop smoking. For those who have never smoked cigarettes before, it is best to stay that way. However, if you’re a smoker, it is never too late to stop. Smoking causes cancer and increases in blood pressure. On the other hand, it also speeds up the development of wrinkles, as stated by J. Taylor Hays, M.D.
  • Exercise. Live a healthy life by exercising regularly.
  • Have enough sleep. You need sleep—period. No excuses. Sleep helps in lowering the stress level and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Reduce the stress level. Stress is not good for our body – physically and mentally. Its effects on our skin are not to be underestimated. Do not keep anger or grudges in your mind for long. Try exercises to reduce your stress level. Yoga or meditation may help to unwind your mind and make you feel relaxed.
  • Socialize. No matter what labels that we put for ourselves—whether you are an introvert or extrovert—we need to socialize. Maintain relationships with others. Stay in touch with old friends. Meet new people. A good relationship with others makes us happy.
  • Anti-aging treatment. This kind of treatment may help maintain your youthful appearance. Beware of unreliable providers. Therefore, reach out to medical travel platforms for a reliable treatment provider.
  • Stem cell treatmentRegenerative treatment like stem cell therapies has started to become a go-to solution to aging. It is believed that stem cells have the ability to repair weakened cells. As a non-invasive procedure, stem cell therapy stimulates the rejuvenation of your body from within. Hence, it provides a significant boost to the body, as well as promote aesthetic rejuvenation and mental improvements.


In short, slowing down the process of aging is not an impossible task. Healthy lifestyle and rejuvenation treatment, such as stem cell therapy, may do wonders for your quality of life.

In case you are interested in anti-aging treatment – whether it is stem cell therapy or plastic & cosmetic surgery – choose an accredited hospital/clinic with qualified doctors, professional staff, and top-notch services.

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