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Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip Implants

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Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip Implants

Small, saggy breasts not only cause problems with choosing clothes, but also prove to be a great hit to one’s confidence. For this reason, countless women have been actively seeking for premium “boob jobs” from high-quality cosmetic clinics. These days, breast augmentation with Nano Chip implants provides a safe, yet effective solution for women who wish to enhance their alluring charm!

Typically, in a breast augmentation procedure, the doctor will make a small incision in one of the following positions: armpit, inframammary fold, and areola. After that, a breast implant is used to help the patient have balanced, natural breasts without losing natural feelings. As the procedure is minimally invasive, patients will not need to worry about potential complications – especially if it is carried out by a team of highly qualified doctors.

Types of breast implants

Depending on the materials used for breast augmentation, breast implants can be divided into the following common types:

  • Saline breast implant: It is covered with a silicone shell, while the interior is empty. Once the saline breast implant has been in position, the doctor will fill it with sterile salt water until the desired volume is reached. However, this type of breast implant is fragile and not soft.
  • Silicone breast implant: Currently, most doctors advise patients to use this type of breast implant – it boasts amazing softness like that of breast tissues. On the other hand, it is very adhesive and stable, which reduces the risk of leakage and ensures that you can stay confident all the time.
  • Smooth breast implant: This type of implant is very soft and easy to move within the implant pocket.
  • Textured breast implant: Due to their good adhesion, these implants are less likely to move around, hence reducing the risk of scar capsules.
  • Round breast implant: This is a great choice for women who wish to correct their small, saggy breasts – so that they look bigger and fuller. Due to its round shape, the risk of it moving out of place is significantly lowered.

What is the best breast implant now?

Breast augmentation with Nano Chip implants provides the optimal solution for women who want to have bigger and fuller breasts. Nano Chip Ergonomic from Motiva (USA) is the best breast implant now. It comes with a super elastic 7-layer structure, which makes it possible for doctors to put the breast pocket inside with just a small cut (3cm-4cm). As a result, breast augmentation with Nano Chip minimizes invasion, hence increasing the procedure’s safety and effectiveness.

  • Nano Chip breast implant is made from concentrate silicone gel. Therefore, it is safe for the body and comes with minimal side effects and complications.
  • Modern Blue Seal technology reduces the risk of leakage.
  • Nano Chip implant’s texture is super soft, elastic, and adhesive.

Currently, Motiva (USA) is one of the best manufacturers of breast implants due to their products’ safety and friendliness to the human body. There are 3 main types of Motiva breast implants: Nano, Nano Chip, and Nano Chip Ergonomic.

Compared with the first two options, Nano Chip Ergonomic implant comes with great adhesion and compatibility, as well as allows for more flexible breast movements. For this reason, Nano Chip Ergonomic has won the trust of ladies who are interested in breast augmentation.

Reasons why you should choose breast augmentation with Nano Chip implants

1. NO NEED for sports bras

After breast augmentation surgery, women often need to wear sports bras for 4-6 weeks to support the implant, keep the breast pocket in place, and control swelling. For breast augmentation with Nano Chip implants at GO.CARE’s hospitals, that is not a necessary requirement. With highly qualified doctors and advanced laparoscopic machine systems, patients can be completely confident about the procedure’s accuracy.

2. NO NEED for bandage

After the procedure, the patient will be given 2 small strips of incision tape without the need for a full-chest bandage. After resting for 1 night, patients can go home and do light exercises without feeling uncomfortable due to wearing bandages.

3. NO NEED for drains

Typically, after breast augmentation surgery, surgical drains will be placed inside the patient for 24 hours. On one hand, this helps prevent postoperative hematoma; on the other hand, the drains will cause pain to the patient, which generally persists for 1-3 days after their removal.

GO.CARE’s cosmetic hospital utilizes no-drain endoscopic surgery – the most advanced breast augmentation method currently used in the United States – in combination with the most advanced medical equipment. After inserting the implant and suturing the incision, the doctor will re-check everything to make sure there is no risk of hematoma.

4. NO NEED for massage

Usually, gentle massaging your breasts is advised within 2 weeks after breast augmentation surgery. However, if it is not performed properly, you run the risk of swelling and hematoma.

GO.CARE’s cosmetic hospital uses Ergonomic high-class flexible breast implants, which are very soft and do not require post-surgery massage.

5. NO NEED for bras at all

Within 2 months after breast augmentation surgery, patients may not need to wear bras at all to avoid compression and chest tightness. Now, you can go braless while still feeling confident in your youthful breasts.

Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip Implants

Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip Implants

Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip Implants

Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip Implants

Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip Implants

Before and After Breast Augmentation with Nano Chip implants

Source: Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital

How Breast augmentation with Nano Chip implants is carried out

The procedure consists of the 5 following steps:

  1. Consultation about the best treatment plan.
  2. Direct visit from the doctor.
  3. Pre-surgery tests and preparation.
  4. Breast augmentation surgery.
  5. Postoperative care.

In order for any surgery to achieve the best results, patients need to take proper care of themselves afterward to preserve health and shorten the recovery duration.

After the surgery, patients will be given a detailed Post-Surgery Care Guide, including:

  • Medications prescribed by the doctors.
  • Hygiene care tools.
  • Guideline on how to care for yourself after breast augmentation surgery.
  • Reminder to have frequent check-ups.

Best hospital for Breast augmentation

At GO.CARE, we co-operate with a plethora of high-quality cosmetic hospitals & clinics – all of them have had years of experience in treating patients from various locations across the world. Among them, special mention goes to Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital, where patients can expect to be greeted by a team of highly qualified cosmetic experts.

Equipped with modern, advanced equipment, Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital offers a wide range of solutions for women who seek to enhance their sexy look – including breast augmentation, breast lift/ reduction, nipple reduction/ revision, areola reduction, etc.

Contact GO.CARE now to get a FREE consultation about breast augmentation with Nano Chip implants at Worldwide Hospital. If you are interested in the treatment, we will arrange everything necessary for you to receive the best treatment plan from the most experienced doctors – and return home safely afterward.

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