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Cellular Immunotherapy: The Revolution of Modern Healthcare

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Review Date: December 4, 2019 | Last Modified: December 5, 2019
Cellular Immunotherapy: The Revolution of Modern Healthcare

Cellular immunotherapy is one of the most advanced treatment methods these days. The therapy is focused on strengthening the immune system, which allows the body cells to combat diseases on their own. Due to its unique therapeutic mechanism, cellular immunotherapy is believed to provide a potential answer to various health issues.

Understanding how the immune system works

Our immune system consists of processes and biological structures made of organs, cells, and tissues. These things work together to prevent the invasion of parasites, viruses, and bacteria, hence protecting the body from diseases.

When antigens or foreign substances attack the body, specific cells identify and respond to them. Once produced, these antibodies remain in the body system so that when the same antigen appears, the corresponding antibodies replicate the function. An antibody will interlock with an antigen and mark the antigen for destruction. They are not able to destroy any antigen without seeking assistance from T cells, which act like soldiers attacking and killing the invaders.

T lymphocytes work primarily by secreting a potent chemical known as lymphokines. Binding to target cells, lymphokines fuse other cells, promote cell growth, activity and mobility, as well as eliminate target cells. An antibody is one of a variety of proteins that are normally present in the body or produced to neutralize an antigen, hence resulting in an immune response.

Since the human body is occasionally bound to struggle due to illnesses, Cellular immunotherapy can assist in boosting the body’s immune system, which allows patients to enjoy a better quality of life. As the treatment is very new, the number of reliable providers is pretty limited. Among them, EW Villa Medica stands out as a notable example – for decades, the clinic has utilized cellular immunotherapy to improve the lives of countless patients.

Cellular Immunotherapy

Cellular Immunotherapy at EW Villa Medica

The treatment programs of EW Villa Medica include 3 parts: Active Specific Immunotherapy (ASI), Super Transfer Factor, and GcMaf Forte.

1. Active Specific Immunotherapy (ASI)

Active Specific Immunotherapy (ASI) is one of the latest advances in the field of regenerative and integrative medicine for cancer tumor therapy. It is a new method that targets and efficiently destroys the cancerous cells – while leaving healthy cells unscathed.

The ASI therapeutic concept modulates the immune system to achieve an antitumor response with tumor-associated antigens as the immunizing materials. It assists in fighting cancer and other diseases of the immune system.

Recent immunologic studies show cancer as not only a cellular disorder triggered by false genetic information – but also an immunologic problem.


  • Treatment under sterile condition (laminar-flow technique, GMP standards).
  • Blood drawn is biohazard courier directly to EW Villa Medica’s German laboratory within 24 hours.
  • Derived from a patient’s peripheral blood with little chance of rejection or immunogenicity.


  • Dr. Rudolph Pekar – a renowned Australian cell therapist and a bio-electrotherapy expert – developed the therapy.
  • Edith Liebergeld Institute in Germany patented ASI therapy.


  • The treatment provides a different form of attack on the tumor by strengthening the immune system.
  • It does not display any kind of toxicity.


  • Allergic disorders.
  • Cancer – liver, stomach, pancreas, breast, prostate, intestine, lymph glands, melanoblastomas.
  • Immunodeficiency disorders.
  • Autoimmune disorders.

2. Super Transfer Factor (STF)

The Super Transfer Factor (STF) is the biomolecular extract that brings immunity directly to your body. STF comprises of a Leukocyte Dialysate Extract component known as Transfer Factor, which serves to cause antigen-specific T-lymphocyte response, derived from the body of the original host, to a recipient’s body.

Once administered, a patient would gain cell-mediated immunity through the revolutionary Super Transfer Factor as an advanced measure of protection against diseases.

Treatment details

Super Transfer Factor (STF) biological activities include:

  • Ca++ influx into blood monocytes, as well as an accentuation of delayed hypersensitivity skin reaction.
  • The antigen-triggered expression of IL-2 receptors on CD4+ lymphocytes.
  • Lymphokines production.
  • An increase of the E-rosette cell count, interferon (IFN) concentration.
  • Key ingredients: Rabbit lymphocytes – activated through their cell-mediated immunity.


  • Ecologically produced from rabbit lymphocytes.
  • Non-pathologic.
  • No preservatives and chemicals.
  • 100% natural.


  • Thermo labile. Its biological activities persist for months at a temperature range from -20°C to -70°C.
  • Xenogeneic. The substance has no species barriers enabling its effect transferable to the body of a different species.
  • A low molecular weight of 3.5kDa molecular weight or less. They cannot be damaged by enzymes of the digestive tract and lose their transfer factor activity when taken orally.
  • Non-antigenic. It does not cause any immune reaction in a recipient.

3. GcMAF Forte

This is the latest discovery, which reveals the body’s critical defense mechanism against cancer, immune disorders, and infectious diseases. GcMAF is a human protein that works against pathogens and malignant cells, while at the same time meditating the immune system.

Health issues manifest when cancer cells and viruses produce an enzyme called Nagalase, which suppresses the production of the body’s GcMAF. As a result, it renders the body defenseless against an unhealthy proliferation of cells and infections.

GcMAF Forte is a complementary therapy that augments your body with GcMAF and boosts the body’s defense mechanism. Regarded as an immunotherapy breakthrough, GcMAF Forte neutralizes the immune-suppressing enzyme Nagalase and binds with vitamin D to activate, regulate, and expand macrophages to become cytotoxic to viruses, tumors, and other pathogens.

Cellular Immunotherapy - GcMAF Forte

The Macrophage Factor

Boosting your body with GcMAF Forte helps to invigorate the macrophages in your system. Macrophages are specialized cells in the immune system formed in response to an infection or an accumulation of damaged/ dead cells. They guard the body and eat up dead cells and foreign invaders.

Research has provided evidence that GcMAF can aid in destroying cancer and other infections, as well as repairing the immune system. Dr. Nabuto Yamamoto, the director and founder of the Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, is a globally recognized specialist who has published and studied the therapeutic benefits of GcMAF. Yamamoto found that by giving patients weekly injections of GcMAF, he could raise essential white blood cell counts dramatically.


  • GcMAF Forte therapy has a potent anti-aging effect and is a robust preventive factor against cancer.
  • A combination with HMW-HA makes it easy for administration, hence avoiding painful, frequent deep intramuscular injections.
  • Injectable GcMAF combined with HMW-HA creates a slow-release Forte formula and provides a steadily high level of active GcMAF in the body during 1 week after subcutaneous administration. Proven to be superior to all other available forms of GcMAF, it provides more potent immunotherapy for infectious diseases and cancer.


  • LAB RMS proprietary purification procedure and enrichment.
  • Stringent manufacturing process.
  • Enhanced formulation with High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HMW-HA).


  • Cancer with solid tumors (breast, prostate, colorectal, ovarian, etc.).
  • Immunodeficiency and infectious disesases.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Autism.


Cellular immunotherapy holds a lot of promise for patients who suffer from several health issues. If you are interested in the treatment, contact GO.CARE now to get more information about the treatment.

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