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NABH – A trustworthy healthcare accreditation from India
Author: Quỳnh Nguyễn
Review Date: August 3, 2018 | Last Modified: January 23, 2019
NABH – A trustworthy healthcare accreditation from India

Hoping patients to get treatment from qualified hospitals in Asia, GO.CARE based on many international and national accreditation for medical quality to choose the best health providers. Like in India, we use NABH Accreditation.

Here’s an overview about this reliable healthcare accreditation.

What is the NABH?

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers, also known as the NABH, is a constituent board of the Quality Council of India. The organization primarily functions to develop and perform accreditation programs, whose main aim is to accredit suitable medical institutes.

The standards on which the accreditation programs are based are set up as benchmarks for the development of the medical field. The NABH’s main supporters are stakeholders such as different industries, consumers, and the government. However, the organization itself retains full independency and autonomy over its own functions and actions.

What does the NABH do?

Specifically, the main activities carried out by the NABH are:

  • Accrediting medical institutes
  • Promoting quality-improving programs such as Safe-I, Nursing Excellence, and other laboratory certification programs
  • Hosting relevant activities such as public lectures, advertisements, workshops, and seminars
  • Providing education and training for involved individuals

The NABH hospital accreditation

The NABH is a member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), making its accreditation programs ISQua-approved. This approval essentially means the accreditation programs provided by the system have been deemed equal in terms of quality compared to those of other member countries (i.e. the ISQua global benchmarks).

The accreditation provide the accredited hospitals with a competitive edge and their patients with added confidence and assurance in the quality of the services provided by said hospital. Moreover, the accreditation often provides hospital staffs with an ongoing learning experience, allowing them to constantly improve their own skills and professionalism.

The accreditation steps can be briefly summarized as below:

  • Application submission
  • Registration and acknowledgment to HCO (within 10 days of the application submission)
  • Pre-assessment (within 3 months of fee deposition)
  • Taking corrective action and sending a report to the NABH (within 3 months of the pre-assessment)
  • Final assessment (within 6 months of the pre-assessment)
  • Taking corrective action and sending a report to the NABH (within 3 months of the final assessment)
  • Review by accreditation committee
  • Verification assessment
  • Surveillance assessment (within 15 – 17 months of accreditation)
  • Taking corrective action and sending a report to the NABH (within 1.5 months of the surveillance assessment)
  • Reassessment (within the last 6 months prior to accreditation expiration date)

In addition to JCI Accreditation, NABH is one of the advanced dimensions when choosing a health provider for GO.CARE in India. Therefore, our customers can always experience the best healthcare and treatments in this country.

Would like to know what Indian hospitals have achieved this accreditation? Visit GO.CARE now!

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