GO.CARE - The Leading Platform of Medical Tourism in Asia

GO.CARE – The Leading Medical Tourism Platform in Asia

Author: Chí Hùng
Review Date: August 5, 2018 | Last Modified: September 25, 2019
GO.CARE – The Leading Medical Tourism Platform in Asia

Medical tourism has become a global phenomenon these days. For a variety of reasons, more and more people in both developed and developing countries have chosen to get medical treatment abroad.

Medical tourism – A worldwide trend

According to Deloitte – a multinational professional accounting organization, the value of worldwide medical tourism has reached $60 billion. In Asia, the revenue from healthcare tourism increases by 20-30% every year. Among the Asian countries, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, India, and the Philippines are those that contribute the most to this development.

GO.CARE – The leading platform of medical tourism in Asia

Who are we?

GO.CARE is a medical tourism company that aims to provide people with access to the best healthcare. We work with the best hospitals and clinics in Asia to ensure high-end services for our customers.

Up to now, GO.CARE’s medical network has covered more than 250 hospitals from 7 Asian countries, including Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines, and Vietnam. We provide patients with access to more than 2500 treatments. By using our digital platform, patients may equip themselves with proper medical knowledge, compare the services that our partners provide, and prepare their treatment plan accordingly.

At GO.CARE, we offer our services completely FOR FREE. However, in some cases that require more complicated procedures, a certain deposit might be required.

5 advantages of GO.CARE

How do GO.CARE help patients?

GO.CARE acts as an intermediary between patients and the best healthcare providers in Asia. Based on customers’ medical needs and budget, we offer them a list of clinics and hospitals that best suit them. After the patients have chosen their destination, we will book an appointment for them to go abroad and directly get in touch with our partners’ doctors and staffs.

Below is a detailed analysis of how our services are provided to customers.

GO.CARE INSTRUCTIONIf you intend to go abroad for medical treatment, GO.CARE is always ready to help you. Just contact us now, and we will be a trusted companion during your medical journey.

GO.CARE – Healthcare made simple, Healthcare for everyone.

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