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GO.CARE’s Booking Process

Author: Hào Nghiêm
Review Date: 05/08/2018 | Last Modified: 07/10/2019
GO.CARE’s Booking Process

If you want to get a medical trip, all you need is just GO.CARE and we will support you on the way. You GO and we CARE!

GO.CARE is a provider of medical travel services in Asia. Our mission is to connect patients with the best Asian clinics and hospitals. With the slogan “GO.CARE – Healthcare made simple. Healthcare for everyone”, we are working relentlessly to provide the best, yet simplest experience for customers. The whole booking process for an outbound trip now can be done easily on GO.CARE website https://go.care/.

The process is comprised of the 6 following steps:

Step 1

Receive request for expert advises and appointment from patients

In this first step, after doing research and comparing cost, services on GO.CARE website, patients could find themselves the most suitable clinic/hospital. Then if the patients would like to get further information or book an appointment, they can call directly to GO.CARE call center or leave their contact on our customer information form.

Feel free to contact us if:

  • You are interested in medical tourism and have planned to travel abroad for medical purposes, but still need further information.
  • You don’t know what hospital/clinic is ideal for your medical trip.
  • You are perfectly ready to get treated abroad.

In order to find out the best option for you, we will need the following information:

  • The diseases or treatments that you are concerned about.
  • Your desired country.
  • Your available time.
  • The problems that you have.
  • Your message to GO.CARE (optional).
  • Scanned copy of your medical documents (optional).

Step 2

Customer information identification and further discussion (if needed)

After receiving your request, our customer service department will soon contact you to identify: personal information, medical record, your budget, schedule, Visa status, expectation… Moreover, we will explain all of your questions, as well as give some advice so that you are able to make the best decision.

Step 3

Get personalized quotes and treatment regimen from your desired hospitals 

In step 2, you might be asked to provide us your previous medical record before we send your quote request to the hospital. It is necessary to help your doctors know more about your health condition and bring out the exact medical regimen. Don’t worry if they haven’t been well-prepared on the first day we contact you, our staff will always remind you via email and support you in preparing these documents after that. After completing your documents, we will connect you and the hospital as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours excluding weekend days) to get a personalized quote and treatment regimen.

Please notice that the quote has temporary value only and it depends on your health condition result from the hospital after completing the evaluation in person. The spending could also be varied depending on unexpected health issues or complications.

Step 4

Confirm your treatment schedule via email/telephone

After carefully considering your personalized quote as well as fully understanding the whole procedure, you can come to your final decision with GO.CARE. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We acknowledge all your concerns before taking an outbound medical trip. Our mission is to be your companion. GO.CARE – Healthcare made simple. Healthcare for everyone.

Step 5

Receive booking confirmation and deposit bill (if needed) from GO.CARE

After you confirm your booking with GO.CARE, some clinics or hospitals that you desire might require a certain deposit to ensure the schedule will be exactly followed. The deposit depends on specific clinics/hospitals.

A booking confirmation and deposit bill (if needed) will be sent to you. On your treatment day, you only need to show them to your clinic/hospital to prove that you are our customer.

Before flying, remember to well prepare all necessary documents like Visa (if needed), airplane ticket, accommodation, and transportation (some clinics/hospitals could help you with them).

You will be instructed about the location and when to go there to get treatment, diagnosis or advice.

Step 6

Get treated and recover

When you arrive at the clinic/hospital, you have to register and fill in the patient information form as being instructed. After the procedure, you might need to stay in the hospital for a few days for follow-up and recovery. At the end of the trip, GO.CARE would ask you for your treatment experience and your feedback as well. They are precious information that helps us improve our service.

In conclusion, these 6 steps above are generally what you experience during a medical trip. GO.CARE will accompany you most of the time and support you as much as possible.

GO.CARE - Leading Medical Tourism Platform in Asia


Visit www.go.care to learn more about the best hospitals & clinics in Asia, along with the treatments they provide.

Need further information? We are ready to help – Send us a request now to get a completely free consultation.

GO.CARE does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.

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