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10 Interesting Things About Medical Tourism In Singapore

Author: Phương Anh
Review Date: August 1, 2018 | Last Modified: September 25, 2019
10 Interesting Things About Medical Tourism In Singapore

Singapore is a developed country for both economics and tourism. However, have you known that Singapore is also a premier destination for medical trip in Asia?

Let’s get through this article to know why patients all over the world prefer Singapore to providing their healthcare.

1. Latest treatments

Cleanness, well-ordering and technical development are what Singapore is famous for. In term of prices, Singapore has great advantages since it provides high-quality medical services that cost only one half of the same services from US.  In comparison with leading Asian countries in medical tourism like Thailand and India, expenses for a Singaporean medical trip is a little bit more expensive. However, what patients receive are the best services from one of the most reliable and developed countries – Singapore.

On the other hand, Singapore is an ideal place for relaxing. Instead of crowded streets and cities that are typical in countries like India, Singapore is a clean, modern and civilized city with gorgeous shopping malls and buildings. For those who are shopaholics, Singapore is definitely the first choice.

In medical development, biotech is encouraged by Singaporean government with many favorable policies. It helps them to be able to compete with neighboring rivals such as India and Thailand in medical tourism industry. This is the reason for several new treatment methods in Singapore, especially in cancer treatment, which are not available in any other country.

2. Remarkable records on Singaporean medical tourism

  • Ranked 1st among 51 countries that have most effective medical treatment according to Bloomberg in 2014.
  • Ranked 2nd in the world about healthcare result according to The Economist Intelligent Unit in 2014.
  • Ranked 1st among preferred destinations for medical tourism according to PHD Chamber in 2013.
  • Singapore’s blood supply is regarded as the safest in the world.

3. Well-equipped health facilities

Frequent medical equipment checking is a must in Singapore that is mentioned officially in their health law. Hospitals there are equipped with latest technologies as well as treatment systems. There are more 11,500 doctors in Singapore and a great number of them have been trained at international medical centers.

Currently, Robotic SurgiScope is the most modern as well as the best method for brain surgery which is developed in US. Parkway Singapore Healthcare Corporation is the first hospital in ASEAN to apply this method into brain surgeries and otolaryngology therapies.

4. Worldwide accreditation

Healthcare system from Singapore and its quality reputation has been approved and appreciated all around the world.

In 2000, Singapore ranked 6 out of 191 countries in World’s Healthcare systems assessment by WHO and it is the first rank in Asia.

According to Singapore Tourism Board, their total turnover from medical tourism in 2010 reached $940 million, increased by $200 million since 2009.

By now, there are 23 hospitals in Singapore have been accredited by Joint Commission International. This American standard is used worldwide in medical industry.

5. Easy cost comparison between state and private hospitals

Due to the competition between private hospitals and state one, medical expenses are highly competitive in Singapore. Private hospitals offer medical insurance for patients and they also have to public their prices transparently as government requires.

6. Popular treatment methods in medical tourism

Medical services and procedures provided by Singaporean hospitals include:

  • Orthopedic surgery (hip replacement, knee replacement, etc.)
  • Cardiac surgery (heart bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, etc.)
  • Cancer
  • Neurology and Neurological surgery
  • Dental therapy (Dental implants)
  • Plastic surgery
  • Pediatric surgery
  • Non-surgical rejuvenate therapy (botox, microdermabrasion, etc.)
  • Ophthalmology (LASIK, cataract surgery, etc.)

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7. Top hospitals

Mount Elizabeth Singapore

Mount Elizabeth Singapore hospital was established in 1979. It is the first Asian hospital to receive Asian Hospital Management Award. This 505-bed hospital has excellent medical facilities and provides treatments for several diseases such as cardiac and neurological diseases.

Gleneagles Hospital

Gleneagles is a JCI accredited hospital and offers lots of medical treatments. It is equipped with highly technological facilities, transmission and IT systems. Gleneagles hospital has 380 available beds for patients and have attracted numerous international medical tourists.

East Shore Hospital

Located in the east side of Singapore, this hospital provides general and acute cure. It provides general medicine and specialist care such as pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. East Shore Hospital is highly recommended for medical tourists due to its latest medical facilities.

National Heart Center

The National Heart Centre of Singapore (NHCS) is a national referral center for cardiovascular disease in Singapore. This is the first hospital that is outside America approved by JCI in cardiac treatments and surgeries. Its yearly customers are about 100,000 patients.

8. Save up to 40-70% medical expenses

In comparison with medical services in US, the cost for services in Singapore is 40 – 70% lower, depending on different treatments.

For instance, it costs about $21,000 for a facelift surgery taken in US but this number is just $7,000 in Singapore.

9. Convenient in communication

English is the second language in Singapore. Therefore, it’s much easier for foreigners to communicate with their doctors than other countries.

10. Ethical and professional doctors

Singaporean doctors are all professionally skillful and ethical as well. They have been trained at well-known healthcare training centers.

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