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GO.CARE’s Partnership standards

Author: Hiền Tăng
Review Date: August 3, 2018 | Last Modified: September 25, 2019
GO.CARE’s Partnership standards

For the purpose of carrying out the mission and vision as well as encouraging the core values, GO.CARE chooses the partners that can fully meet our standards, including:

1. International standards and certification about health care:

  • Joint Commission International (JCI)

Joint Commission International (JCI) is a certificate of the commitment about the safety and quality in caring for patients, improvement in the effect of treatment for patients and hospital administration, which is issued by the organization as the same name. JCI is an American organization for assessment established since 1994 – is an international branch of Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR) and has spread to over 90 nations in the world.

With the aim to improve safety and quality of international healthcare service, JCI plays an important role in the world healthcare’s development. Besides, this standard considers thoroughly the rights and duties, education, communication, mentality, culture of patients and their relatives as well as health care workers.

JCI is recognized by International Society for Quality in Health Care – ISQua, which proves that the standards and processes JCI uses to survey and assess the activities of health care organization in the world can fully reach the highest international standards in quality. JCI has the methods from the appropriate experts for every country to assess the platforms of health care organizations, yet ensures the international standards.

For instance, JCI is cooperating with 3 assessment council in 3 areas: Asia – Pacific, Europe and North Africa. Besides, JCI allows the organization to register certificates and accreditation through its system.

To receive accreditation from JCI, health care organizations must follow 10-step process listed by JCI.

  • International Organization for standardization (ISO)

International Organization for standardization (ISO) is an organization that sets up the international standards and establishes the commercial and industrial standards in the world. With the assessment to identify which  services and products are come up to the standards, ISO’s aim is to improve the quality of products and raise awareness of standard and standardization process, as well as provide the data for research.

ISO certification strictly assesses a product or service based on several criteria: demand from customer, opinions about difference aspects from experts in that field or support from experts in relate fields, and agreement of the provider.

ISO is an international standard for quality in almost every field, including health care. ISO standards in health care field ensure the safety and practical functions of the medical tools; along with prevent the risks remaining. ISO also gains the trust from other fields related to health care.

ISO organization develops a set of standards (ISO 9000) which is used for producing industry (such as producing pharmaceutical products and medical equipments) but recently it has been used for assessing the quality control systems of several parts particular in health care or a whole hospital/ clinic. ISO standards concentrate on the ability of the organization rather than the outcome, as well as quality of the process than the final product. They assess the quality of final product by customers’ satisfaction.

There are lots of other standards to evaluate quality; however, they still have many shortcomings in comparison with ISO in certain aspects such as purchasing, controlling and calibrating equipments, verifying the products’ origin, managing the research designs and new products, etc.

In medical field, there are many ISO standards that are certified. For example, ISO 15189 stipulates the requirement for ability and quality to medical laboratory, or ISO 13485 which is about control system for medical products’ safety, etc.

2. National standards and certification about health care:

To meet the international standards, medical establishment need to fulfill the conditions about quality that are recognized by local country. Every nation has its own standards, such as:

  • Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) of Malaysia: known as a non-profit and non-government organization which is registered and established in 1997. MSQH’s aim is to monitor and guarantee people’s health condition. MSQH has a program that evaluates  hospitals (HAP) to help medical centers to approach quality and safety in health care service as well as create examination and treatment culture in organization. This is a program that evaluates the effect of medical service provision at medical establishment in the best and most possible way. In addition, it also provides the other related professions with necessary information.
  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) of India: a unit commissioned by Quality Council of India. Beside, NABA is also a member of International Society for Quality in Health Care – ISQua. Therefore, certificates from NABH have the same value to ones from other countries that are members of ISQua.

3. Other standards:

Medical establishments that want to receive the national or international certificates of quality must ensure that they achieve the standards listed by the organization issuing the certificates. Besides, medical establishments and hospitals need to meet other conditions in facilities, other services to become partners of GO.CARE, including:

  • Prestige in examination and treatment, medical service provision for patients
  • Good comments from patients after using the services
  • Improvement and development in the quality of performance of establishments and hospitals
  • Experience in examination and treatment for foreign patients
  • Facilities for patients’ spiritual life during the treatment
  • Reasonable price
  • Experience, thoughtfulness from health care staff

Using GO.CARE and our patients will be assured of getting the most suitable treatments from one of the best health providers all over Asia.