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Travel tips for cancer patients: Preparing for your trip
Author: Phương Anh
Review Date: August 23, 2018 | Last Modified: October 18, 2018
Travel tips for cancer patients: Preparing for your trip

Cancer is known as a painful and almost hopeless disease with continuous chemotherapy process. Many people believe that cancer patients should spend time on their bed, stay still and do nothing. Traveling, especially traveling abroad seems to be something impossible for them. However, it’s completely wrong. In fact, traveling is an effective treatment method for several diseases including cancer. The more you travel, the better your mental and physical condition are. Cancer experts from Parkway Cancer Center, Singapore advised that cancer patients should go on more long-term trips to relax and refresh their mind.

Now, you might have in your mind a question: “How can I prepare an abroad trip with my cancer?” Actually, the preparation is much simpler than you’ve ever thought. Besides things like airplane ticket booking, accommodation ore destination, GO.CARE has some more suggestions for a safe and comfortable trip that helps you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Have a clear and careful plan

plan a trip for cancer patients

Firstly, you should plan a specific and suitable routine for your trip. Everything from airplane ticket, accommodation, stops, and transportation to your budget needs to be all well-arranged. Moreover, don’t forget to have a back-up plan for any unexpected accident that can help you handle it more easily. You never know what is coming next, so it’s better to be prepared.

Get your health tested by your doctor

health check-up

Once you get cancer, your health condition is being abnormal and can go wrong at anytime. Having a health test with your doctor is a must. They can give you advice on oxygen supplement on the airplane, whether your condition is good enough for the trip or not, vaccine for cancer traveler if needed or registering a medical insurance package. More importantly, your doctor will have a specific medicine prescription for your traveling time. They could also recommend things that help you take care for yourself while being abroad.

Imform your airline service provider about your health condition

Remember to inform your airline agency about your cancer and health condition when booking your flight. So that they can help (or you could request them) with transformation from the airport to your destination or hotel. Furthermore, when being informed about your special condition, they could prepare and provide medical facilities like oxygen tank. It’s necessary because when your plane flies high, you could suffer from low oxygen levels and this is extremely dangerous for those who have cancer.

Get to know your destination and accommodation in advance

You’d better spend time examining your next destination as well as accommodation. Make sure that you know where the hospital is for emergency cases. Similarly, when you arrive at any stop in your trip, you should know at least one near reliable clinic/hospital just in case your health condition get worse unexpectedly.

In case you are going to combine your trip with a cancer treatment abroad, here are top Asian countries that have excellent reputation.

Have medicine in your suitcase all the time

Medicine in your suitcase

Medicine is literally your companion during the trip. Prepare enough medicine for you while you are away, or you should even have medicine for 1 or 2 days more. If there is any accident or your flight is delayed, they will help a lot. You should keep medicine in your handbags instead of hold luggage. It’s because you might need to take medicine emergently right on your plane. Don’t forget to check your drugs imformation to see whether their ingredients are allowed by the airport customs or not. If not, you could ask your doctor for an official description about your health condition. Moreover, you should keep your prescription as well as your doctor information carefully.

Things to keep in your mind during the trip

things to remember when traveling

  • Follow up your health condition frequently and don’t ignore any unusual symptom. Due to your abnormal health condition, external causes can easily affect you and might lead to worse things.
  • Be careful with everything you eat and drink enough water. While you are having chemotherapy, you might feel fatigue and loss of appetite. Therefore, you should always choose your food carefully and allow the diet suggested by your doctor strictly. Also, you shouldn’t eat strange food that you haven’t eaten before, they can cause allergy or disorders to your immune system. A water bottle is highly recommended to be with you whenever you go.
  • Do not expose your skin too much to the sun. Due to cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, it’s being more sensitive to sunlight and can get sunburned easily. You should prepare a hat and coat for your skin.
  • Be hygienic. Possibly, your destination might be quiet unclean that could cause infection or germ. Therefore, always keep your hands and body clean, avoid visiting dirty areas.
  • Do not stand or sit for a long time. In order to avoid blood congestion, you’re highly recommended to exercise simply and stretch your arms and legs.

In addition to these things, a positive attitude is important. The last thing you want is to ruin your trip with negative thoughts. Then, keep your mind fresh and relaxed. You’re ready to travel.