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Want medical tourism? Let’s GO.CARE!

Author: Chí Hùng
Review Date: August 5, 2018 | Last Modified: September 25, 2019
Want medical tourism? Let’s GO.CARE!

For patients who want to get healthcare treatment at a higher quality with a more affordable price, GO.CARE is made to respond to all your needs and support during your medical trip. So next time, if you want a medical trip, all you need is just GO.CARE!

Nowadays, the demand for medical care is increasing quickly, which leads to the urge for good facilities and services from healthcare providers. Along with this requirement, medical tourism – a new kind of healthcare process – has appeared in the recent year. Medical tourism is a process that allows people to travel outside their country for the purpose of receiving medical care. This is a fairly new type of medical service in Vietnam that has the potential to open ways for patients to find better treatments and improve their health.

GO.CARE – A leading medical tourism company

From that need, GO.CARE is established and proud of being one of the first online platforms in Vietnam that pioneers in medical tourism. The aim of Go.CARE is to connect patients from around the world to the best healthcare providers in Asia. Our mission is to serve the world’s patients by connecting them to the best healthcare providers at the most affordable prices in a convenient and transparent manner. At GO.CARE we work with the best hospitals and clinics in Asia who maintain a commitment to the best service delivery to ensure that all of our patients receive world-class care.

So, why GO.CARE should be the best choice for patients in comparison to the usual ways of health care and to other similar online medical tourism platforms?

Why GO.CARE instead of inland treatment?

Medical tourism services provided by GO.CARE outperform the traditional way of healthcare in many aspects.

First of all, there has been a dramatic rise in the need for medical treatment abroad. For the quality of medical treatments and service in some countries is still limited, going to other countries for better healthcare is a better choice for patients who suffer from severe diseases or just want to find the best remedies. In addition, not any country has the proper treatments for some rare or harsh diseases, which requires patients to travel abroad in order to search for the right treatments. In this case, medical tourism from GO.CARE can support patients to get the most appropriate and high-quality cures. With the connection to more than 300 best hospitals and clinics in Asia which is carefully and trustworthily chosen based on our strict quality standards, we can provide patients with the best healthcare providers for their treatments. Besides, patients can compare and analyze providers by price and find more information about clinics and treatments to make the most suitable choices for them.

The other advantage that makes medical tourism given by GO.CARE superior to the usual way of healthcare is that it provides patients with comfort and convenience. There are several common problems that often arise when patients try to find treatment by themselves. For example, it is quite difficult for them to choose a proper and trustworthy healthcare provider. The wide range of information about the hospitals and clinics can make a great confusion for the patients, which can lead to the failed choices. Moreover, even if patients can select good healthcare providers, they may have to deal with some other discomfort. They may cope with the unaffordable or expensive price and time-consuming waiting. They properly even feel tired of having to care for so many things during the treatments, such as transportation and appointment arrangement. However, solutions for these problems can be just a piece of cake when patients choose to use GO.CARE’s services.

In addition to our network of trustworthy hospitals, we provide patients with the most comfortable and convenient treatment experience. Booking a treatment through GO.CARE means we will be there for you all the way. We will help patients to compare the price to receive a proper one, get a personalized quote from the hospitals or clinics after their requirement. Additionally, we also plan the trip and make sure that patients return home safely. A medical tour from GO.CARE helps patients reduce the time and money they have to spend on treatment.

Other benefits we offer

It can be said that GO.CARE is the only online platform in Vietnam that provides medical tourism to other countries in Asia. Along with the advantages mentioned above that prove the medical tourism from us outperform the traditional ways of healthcare; there are a lot of other benefits making us a strong competitor in the medical tourism field:

Free: GO.CARE is free to use for everyone and most of the clinics we list are free to contact through our platform.

Fast: You do not have to queue up to wait for your treatment. Booking medical tours from GO.CARE and you can immediately begin your treatment once the necessary procedures are completed.

Accessibility: We connect patients with trusted health care providers and we partner with internationally accredited institutions. We are committed to upholding patient privacy and use state-of-the-art encryption in all transactions.

Transparency: We believe that when making health decisions, the more information you have the better. Clinics are listed with accreditation levels, staff experience, facility pictures, procedure prices and reviews from former patients. By using your personal dashboard, you contact the clinic staff directly.

Privacy: We do not and never will sell your personal data. Simply send us an inquiry and we will help you get a personalized quote from a specialist. Each quote includes a treatment plan and cost estimate.

Trustworthy healthcare providers: As mentioned, we connect with the hospitals and clinics that are chosen based on our strict quality standards:

  • Their medical quality and capability
  • International accreditations
  • Their experience treating international patients
  • Innovation
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Reputation

Additional services: Other services that GO.CARE provides to support patients’ medical tour:

  • Find and compare treatment offers from leading hospitals and clinics in Asia
  • Help to effectively communicate with healthcare providers
  • Answer all of your questions about hospitals/clinics, doctors, and procedures
  • Schedule appointments
  • Arrange your hospital invitation letter
  • Arrange medical translations

No additional cost: Booking through GO.CARE is not more expensive than booking directly with the clinic. In some cases, it can be cheaper due to our existing relationships with healthcare providers.

With all of the advantages mentioned above, GO.CARE is confident that we can be the best choice for you if you have the intention to take a medical tour. Please contact us if you want more detailed information about our service as well as advice for your medical tour.