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Liposuction cost in different countries
Author: Hiền Tăng
Review Date: September 18, 2018 | Last Modified: January 15, 2019
Liposuction cost in different countries

Liposuction cost is one of the most concerned factors among those who are going to have a liposuction surgery abroad. The cost of this surgery widely varies from country to country. 

Liposuction is a process of cosmetic surgery to remove unwanted fat on different parts of body such as buttocks, lap, chest, arm, belly, face and neck, etc. The liposuction cost ranges from $900 to $7000 in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Korea, etc. The unit for liposuction is “area” – an area of your body whose unwanted fat you want to remove. According to Professor Zsolt Laszlo, an Hungarian experienced surgeon, an “area” size is equal to one “hand”.

One of the major concerns when making a plan on liposuction is the cost for its procedure. GO.CARE will help you to solve this problem!

Followings are the best destinations for liposuction surgery:

Liposuction cost in Singapore

Singapore has gained its own reputation for the most advanced medical industry in South East Asia and in Asia in general. The cost of liposuction in Singapore ranges from 1500 SGD to 12000 SGD depending on the location and methods. At Raffles hospital, in order to take a liposuction case, you have to pay at least 8000 SGD for the traditional process. The waterjet lipo method costs 10000 SGD and ultrasound wave cost 12000 SGD. Depending on the target areas, the cost will vary. For example, the price for arm liposuction is 7700 SGD and belly liposuction costs 7800 SGD.

Liposuction cost in Malaysia

Along with the development of the country, healthcare and medical field in Malaysia are on the rise as well. As a result, there are many patients from other countries choosing Malaysia for examination and treatment, especially liposuction. Besides, liposuction process of cosmetic surgery is assured by the Department of Health of Malaysia. The cost for liposuction in Malaysia is from 9500 RM to 15000 RM. The major difference in cost of liposuction depends on the hospitals, clinics and area. At Beverly Wilshire Health Center, to undergo a liposuction, you have to pay 11400RM. The cost for lip and hip liposuction is 14850 RM and 9500 RM for buttocks liposuction.

Liposuction cost in Thailand

There are millions of patients coming to Thailand every year for examination and treatment. Especially, in the recent years, Thailand has become an attractive destination for those who want to have a high quality liposuction with reasonable cost.  In Thailand, to have a liposuction you have to pay 31000 Bath to 85000 Bath. The cost varies depending on each hospital. For example, 85000 Bath at Yanhee hospital, 63500 Bath at Samitivej hospital and 31000 Bath at B. Care Medical Center. Besides, There are lots of hospitals and clinics in Thailand which can help you to have a dream appearance such as Nirunda Cellport Clinic, Kamol Hospital, KTOP Clinic, Sikarin Hospital,…

Liposuction cost in India

In the last decade, medical tourism in India is quite attractive and has become an opponent to other countries like Singapore, Thailand. Hospitals and clinics in India provide liposuction procedure with the price from $1,000 and more. For instance, a liposuction procedure costs about $1,000 at Primus Super Specialty Hospital and around $2,556 at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur. If you want to experience five-star services in New Delhi, Apollo Hospital Indraprastha is a good choice. The hospital provides the most excellent services when you choose it to have your liposuction. The cost for a liposuction may vary from $3400 to $6300 at Apollo Hospital Indraprastha.

The outcome of a liposuction procedure depends greatly on the professional qualification and experience of surgeons. Moreover, facilities and reputation of the hospitals and clinics are other important factors to take into account. Hence, there is a great difference in the cost for each liposuction.

You need to fully gather the information about liposuction, including its cost to make a good choice suitable for your demand and financial condition. Visit GO.CARE to get further information and get yourself ready for your next liposuction surgery.