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10 Reasons Why Korea Is An Ideal Place For Medical Tourism
Author: Trâm Võ
Review Date: August 5, 2018 | Last Modified: August 8, 2018
10 Reasons Why Korea Is An Ideal Place For Medical Tourism

You still confuse and do not know which country is suitable for your medical trip? GO.CARE has some information about medical tourism in Korea. Just read and see if Korea is your best choice.

1. Big and high-quality hospitals

There are more than 3,000 hospitals in South Korea, most of them are private hospitals. However, the government strictly administers their medical standards through Health Insurance Corporation. 27 hospitals among them are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI).

2. Affordable medical services

In Korea, the minimum expense for a spondylosis surgery is about $20,000 and it could increase up to 2 or 3 times depending on your hospital as well as your area. While in US, patients have to pay at least $100,000 for a similar surgery.

Another example should be named is wise tooth extraction. For those who are not covered by insurance in America, it would cost a considerable sum of money. Meanwhile, the spending in Korea is much cheaper, just about $30.

Through these examples, it’s clearly that Korea offers significantly affordable medical services. Patients traveling to Korea for medical purposes can save from 70% to 80% in comparison with other developed countries like US and UK; and they can receive similarly but 30% – 40% cheaper surgeries with Singapore.

In short, having a medical trip to Korea is totally worth your time and money.

3. All kinds of popular treatment for medical tourists

  • Plastic surgery in Korea

Korea is the leader in plastic surgery industry all around the world. More than 770,000 cases are taken every year and 25,000 cases among them are for foreign patients.

Lasers and minimally invasive surgery are applied in order to speed up the recovery process. So that patients could come home after 4 days and recover in just 2 weeks.

  • Orthopedic injury treatment

Korean experts and practitioners have achieved great success in knees and hip replacement. Korea is the leading country about the number of surgeries related to false limbs. ROBODOC is a robot program developed by their orthopedic experts that helps partly in knee replacement.

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Korea is one of the best countries for patients to have IVF treatment due to their high effectiveness. IVF success rate in Korea is up to 70%.

  • Diagnosis

Giant companies and corporations like Samsung develop more and more modern medical equipment. In Samsung Medical Center, their doctors use a tablet to access patient information database and connect their patients. Samsung In Vitro diagnosis system takes only 45 seconds for an accurate blood test result.

4. Top hospitals

  • Wooridul spinal hospital

It has been the best spinal hospital for years. It has excellent staff and technologies in spinal treatment. Their results have been widely approved by international colleagues. In spinal treatment, it is famous for applying minimally invasive surgery.

  • Samsung Medical Center

It was established in 1994. Samsung Medical Center has been developed new technologies that can be applied in medical treatment. It is known as the leader of Korean Healthcare Industry. This medical center has achieved lots of national rewards, most of them are upon customer satisfaction.

As the largest medical center in Korea, it has more than 48,000 surgeries carried out every year. Their vision is to be the best in research and development to make human life better.

  • Yonsei University Healthcare System (YUHS)

This first medical center in Korea was established in 1885. Over the time, the center has been improving its treatment methods continuously. With more than 120 years of experience, YUHS is one of the best healthcare center in the world.

It has such an honor to be an excellent destination for Koreans who are looking for healthcare services. Furthermore, YUHS tries to perfect their centers through doing research. They also seek for partnership with those who share the same mission to be the best in medical industry.

5. International standard doctors

Korea is always considered as one of the most strict and competitive education systems in the world. Only most talented student can enter Korean medical universities and doctor is the most appreciated career there. There is no surprise that most of Korean doctors speak fluently English. Famous Korean hospitals such as Seoul National Hospital, Asan Hospital have associated with US hospitals like Harvard University. In other words, Korean doctors work closely with on-going medical studies in US. Many doctors in Korea get US professional certificates and are members of The American Medical Association.

6. One of the places  with the most developed technologies in the world

Korean people belong to the top world population who apply technology in daily life. Besides the two biggest technological companies: Samsung and LG, which manufacture a number of medical equipment, hospitals and clinics there also modernize their facilities with latest technologies to bring out the best services for customers.

Their dental clinics now widely apply 3D technology and emulation solutions to develop dental implants that can automatically access wirelessly with transplant machines.

7. Insurance policy for foreign patients

Medical treatment visa is issued for foreign patients and their companions (including general health check-up patients) who travel to Korea for medical purposes. There are requirements from Korean hospitals that insure for patients’ medical process in Korea.

Foreign patients will be fully granted for the whole treatment process by the hospitals that they register.  In cases there is any medical problem during the procedure, medical treatment visa plays an important role in protecting patient rights.

Moreover, it is issued for companions who take care of the patients.

There are 2 types of medical treatment visa with expenses from $50 to $120:

C3 – Allows patients to stay in Korea up to 3 months

G1 – Allows patients to stay in Korea for 1 year for long-term treatments.

8. Abundant and convenient services

Korean hospital services can satisfy even the most difficult customers. Besides providing patient rooms, hospitals also have companion rooms and living-rooms. They are well-equipped with sofas, fridges, telephones, TVs and office desks. Additionally, big hospitals have other services like café, supermarket, restaurant, convenience store, bank exchange and drug store. They also offer medical trip services such as booking ticket, visa, accommodation and interpreter. Therefore, patients have no difficulty in communication when traveling to Korea.

9. Highly developed pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry develops strongly in Korea. When patients have treatments there, they can use high-quality domestic drugs instead of expensive imported products from Japan, Singapore, US and Europe.

10. Outstanding records about Korean medical tourism

  • Korean hospitals are leading the five-year relative survival rates of important cancer types
  • Korea is ranked world’s number one in liver transplant success rate (96%)
  • Korea possesses the only Proton Therapy Center in Asia
  • Korea is exceeding the U.S. in cardiovascular and spinal disorder treatments
  • Seoul is the present Mecca for plastic surgery.

Next time if you want to take a medical trip, will the best Korea hospitals and clinics at GO.CARE is your choice?

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