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10 Outstanding Facts About Medical Tourism In Thailand
Author: Trâm Võ
Review Date: August 3, 2018 | Last Modified: August 8, 2018
10 Outstanding Facts About Medical Tourism In Thailand

Not only is the great country to traveling, Thailand is also one of the leading medical tourism destinations in Asia with these following advantages.

1. One of the best places to visit in the world

Thailand is one of the top tourist attractions in the world, a true paradise with wonderful beaches and natural landscapes. It has an abundant culture, famous cuisines and hospitable, friendly people. In doing tourist business, the people there always try their best to provide excellent service for tourists. A developed tourism industry contributes greatly to medical tourism in Thailand, therefore, patients who come there for treatment can enjoy the best services.  

2. Where modern standard meets traditional quitenssence

Along with great traditional treatments, Thailand also combines long-standing methods from neighboring countries like India and China in their medical treatment. Their medicines and therapeutics are not only used for physical treatment but also for mental issues. A combination of tradition and modern, a leading service, massage and yoga therapy – they all make a complete healthcare package.

3. The best medical tourism destination in ASEAN

According to a statistics, medical tourism in Thailand is growing at a yearly rate of 15%. In 2016, the number of medical tourists reached nearly 1 million tourists, had a turnover of $5 billion and ranked first in ASEAN. Their ambition is to be the best medical center in Asia.

4. A large number of JCI standard hospitals

There are more than 1000 hospitals in Thailand, and half of them are private hospitals. With 61 JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited private hospitals, there is no other country in Asia has more JCI standard hospitals than Thailand.

5. Cost-efficiency

In comparison with Canada, Australia, US and Europe countries, the cost for medical treatment in Thailand is much lower, about 50% to 70%. For complicated cases such as heart failure, nerve disease, cancer and knee replacement, the average spending is just 1/3 of these countries above. For example, valve replacement typically costs $130,000 in US, but it’s only $11,000 in Thailand.

6. American Board approved practitioners

Thai government officially reported that doctors, surgeons and nurses there all have to take training courses in US or Australia before coming to practice.

There are more than Thai doctors get American Board certification. Their experts are partners with the best medical organizations in the world. Many of them have contributed great efforts to drug development and medical research. 

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7. Simple and Convenient

Thailand combines perfectly medical service with tourism. The government also has favorable immigration policy that allows foreign medical tourists to stay there up to 90 days (in the past it was only 30 days).  Simple procedure, long-term residence permit, convenient transportation among big cities crossing from South to North and preferential services like medical insurance, life insurance and hospital payment are great advantages that make medical tourism in Thailand more and more attractive.

8. High-quality medical services for everyone

Another advantage of taking medical tourism in Thailand is that patients usually have chance to stay in luxury resorts or 4 to 5 stars hotel during the follow-up period. That time is an important part of treatment guidelines. Patients might have time to relax physically and mentally, which is necessary for their recovery. To create trust and convenience for patients, the staffs there all can communicate well in different languages.   

8. Top medical services in Thailand

  • Sex reassignment surgery

In Thailand, sex-reassignment is highly developed in sex organ operation. Therefore, it has attracted lots of patients who want to change their gender.  Having developed techniques with low price, Thailand has become the best choice for those who decide to take re-assignment surgery in Asia.

  • Dentistry

Dental clinics along Thailand are well-equipped and able to perform all types of dental treatment, from routine checkup to complicated dental surgery. Patients could receive international standard services with an affordable price.  

  • Health check-up packages

Healthcare check-up packages are being a trend in global medical tourism industry. They are recommended for everyone with the intensity depends on specific patient’s age and condition. They are highly advised for patients who are 40 to 50 years old.

  • Orthopedic surgery

Foreign patients usually come to Thailand to have different orthopedic surgeries. Many orthopedic surgeons there were trained in foreign countries and they have modern equipment for their treatments. Hip replacement and knee replacement are the 2 popular surgeries in Thailand, along with back surgery.  

  • Infertility treatment

Popular treatments like IVF, ICSI, IUI and PGD all can be performed in Thailand with very competitive cost.

10. Top leading Thai hospitals in medical tourism  

  • Bumrungrad International

Bumrungrad International is well known for its excellent infrastructure for medical tourists. The hospital has cured for over 520000 foreign patients, including foreigners and medical tourists form 190 countries around the world. More than half of 1200 doctors there have international certificate and 200 doctor among get certificate from American Board.

  • Bangkok medical group

Bangkok medical group with the chain of 15 hospitals spreading all over Thailand is the group of leading hospital with many specialized services for foreign patients. The hospitals have an international medical center associated with multi-language interpreters to give a specialized caring to medical tourists. The group even has a Japanese medical center with many well-known Japanese doctors and nurses.

  • Samitivej Hospital

Samitivej hospital is a famous hospital chain in Thailand. These hospitals have enlarged and developed some world-class health caring centers, including 3 JCI accredited hospitals. Samitivej is equipped with advanced medical equipment comparing to North American and European hospital.

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Thailand top destination for medical tourists. 


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Accessed July 31, 2018.